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commander in chief

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PostSubject: RULES SET:1   Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:08 pm

1. No Cheaters Allowed , Any Cheaters I will Find Out.

2. No Disrespecting other clan Members

3. Use your common sense.

4. Don't beg, ask, imply, or otherwise refer to being staff.

5. Once again, use your common sense.

6. Be sure to get on Socom as much as you can and keep on improving and doing what we do to get the player of the month award.

7.Try to keep the trash talking in the lobby, prove your self with kills and wins.

8. Remember it just a game. When you get frustrated it's only gonna effect your team and your game play.

9.Don't go it alone, find a buddy or wing man and stick together. You have a better chance of surviving in a pack.

10.Most of all have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!

11.The Most Important Rule: No Sleeping, Passing Out Drunk, Or Leaving Your Clan Hanging, You Will Get Voted From The Room

12. Do not leave in the middle of a game bc your losing or bc of bad lag! always stay to the lobby to say good game.

13. Keep your good sportsmanship

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